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Xuehao Hu / David Hu

c/o Google
111 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
   printf("Hello, There!");
   return 0;

Currently at Google, I focus on LinuxBoot , for
datacenter    server systems,    through which I
picked up a keen interest in embedded systems.
I am    also involed    in many     open firmware
collorations with other   hyper scalers and semi
conductor design vendors.

Previously, I worked on various   DevOps soft
ware projects    for a business intelligence start
up, ThoughtSpot, where I met and fortunately
worked closely with a group of brilliant and
ambitious people before some of them moved on
to their next ventures.

Before that,   I studied   Computer Science   at
Colorado State University
in Fort Collins, CO
80523-1873,    which is just one hour drive to
the north from Denver,    the mile high city. I
was a student developer for STReaMS,   a web
interface    for MySQL   database of endangered
fishes   in the Upper    Colorado River basin. I
also     worked on a social network app, DoTell
(which is now defunct)    for a small startup. I
am still fond of the memories around building
an     Arduino rover    with college mates for a
robotics challenge   with  NASA’s    Colorado
Space Grant Consortium
back then.

Besides those paid software gigs, in college, I
also built a video website in PHP allowing users
to send Danmu, with servers in my oncampus
. Sadly, no one was interested in using
it. I still like to build on the side nowadays and
bring interesting ideas into real life.

In my    copious (or not) spare time,   I enjoy
spending quality time with family and friends.
You'll also find me excited about skiing, surfing,
traveling and reading.


B.S., Computer Science & Mathmatics, Colorado
State University
, 2016


12/15/2022 Blog: Linux Device Files
09/21/2022 Talk: Kexec Evolutions for LinuxBoot
( slides) - Göteborgsvägen, Mölndal, Sweden


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